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Student-Centered Classrooms
and Student-Led Conferences

The Day I Stepped Aside

My What Students Want Page

#StuVoice    "Let students drive while teachers guide."

Have your students design their learning spaces in the classroom.

[3075] Why It's Important for Students to Create Content | BAM! Radio Network

#Scistuchat is a monthly discussion between high school students and scientists. All are welcome
especially scientists, high school students, students parents and their teachers. 

#scistuchat: Science Across the Globe « Promega Connections

Transformation - YouTube

My Student Tech Help page

Student-Led Conferences

Education World ® Administrators Center: Student-Led Conferences: A Growing Trend

Implementing Student-Led Conferences in Your School

Student-led Conferences

Student-Led Parent Conferences: How They Work in My Primary Classroom | Powerful Learning Practice

Education World: Student-Led Conferences Hold Kids Accountable

Student-Led Conferences at the Elementary Level

How To Do Student-Led Conferences

Gradual Release of Responsibility

What does the Gradual Release of Responsibility Model look and sound like?

Release Responsibility by whatedsaid

The Innovative Educator: Elementary school students leave school to make a difference in the world

Promoting Student Engagement: Spaghetti Boils Over During Student Engagement #edchat

Student Created Content is an Exciting and Inspiring Learning Tool that Teaches Many Skills

My What Students Want Page

Empower your students to take the reins of learning in their own hands.

“Children should be given a voice not only about the means of learning
but also the ends, the why as well as the what.” — Alfie Kohn



​The Student-Centered Classroom: Communicating What Matters | Edutopia

Three Ways to Create a Student Centered School | EdSurge News

Four Ways to Help Teachers Move to Student-Centered Learning

5 ways to make your classroom more student-centered

5 Thoughts on Maximizing Student Voice | Connected Principals

Trends | 10 Things Everyone Should Know About K-12 Students’ Digital Learning

20+ Fun Free Apps that Promote Student Centered Learning & Literacy : Teacher Reboot Camp

My Views on Creating a Student-Centered Classroom

ISTE | Build student-centered learning the right way @pernilleripp

An Essential Question for Developing Student-Centered Classrooms - Education Week Teacher

Student Centred Blogging
Primary Tech

Student Directed Learning

Outcome-Based Education

How to Fuel Students’ Learning Through Their Interests | MindShift

Moving to Central Office & Staying Student Centred | Educational Leadership in the 21st Century

EdCafes : Students in Charge of a Corner of their Universe - YouTube

Leading and Attending EdCafes

What is an EdCafe? | Students in charge of a corner of their universe

EdCafe's (with tweets) · mseideman · Storify

My Self-Directed Learning Page

My Cooperative Learning Page

My Problem-Based Learning Page

My Project-Based Learning Page

"In a student-centered classroom kids are producers not just consumers."