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Create your own personalized map of the USA

I have been in all 50 states and now I am working on skyping into classrooms in all 50 states.

My State Hashtags page

Twitter Chats by State Map by @sjunkins

State Project

Materials: Construction paper sheets of all the colors in each flag of the state. Scissors, glue, tape or stapler, rulers and markers. Large blank construction paper for map. Magic markers and crayons. Information question sheet on each state  (e.g.: population, area, neighbors, industries, etc.)

Students are told that they will be researching particular state. They first do a complete profile of the state. Then, in the next phase they are given their supplies and told to make the flag of the state and a map. They are also to provide ten interesting facts about that state in any format they choose (play, poem, pictures, songs, etc.). Travel brochures are also created.

Local Legacies Celebrating Community Roots (Library of Congress)

Flags - Capitals - Symbols - Clip Art - Penny Postcards

USA and State Flag-Quiz Printouts

Emblems and Symbols
of the 50 States

US State Learning Games For Kids - State Symbols, State Trivia. State Videos and Puzzles

Maps , State Legal Sites and other interesting sites

Outline Maps
of the Fifty States of the United States

Outline Maps United States

U.S. States
(Infoplease Atlas)

US Regional Map/Quiz Printouts


State Report Project





State Name Meanings

Native American State Names

Place the State Game

Name That State

Ironic Sans 50 States in 10 Minutes

Tour the 50 States video.

United States Map Puzzle

Fifty Nifty United States Lyrics - Ray Charles

Mrs. Jones - Mnemonic Devices to Remember the United States and Capitals

Mrs. Jones - Sing Along The 50 State Capitals Song

States 4th Grade- Spelling City

State Websites (K-5)

State Songs

State Capitals Game

GeoNet Game

The USA Quiz has 50 questions

State Flags Game

States and Capitals

State & County QuickFacts
(U.S. Census Bureau)

The Fifty States

Fifty States - Mr. Nussbaum

Stateline: Policy and Politics News

America's Story:
Explore the States

The 50 States Quarters Program
of the U.S. Mint


50 States Recipes

State and Regional

States by Order of Entry into Union

50 State Bluebook Guide

Law by source:
State Listing by Jurisdiction

Road Trip USA

National Park Service - Experience Your America

Photographs and Art Work by Cybrary Man

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