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Social Studies Resources

Teacher Notes

Before showing a video to my students I would prepare a Video Viewing Sheet of questions.  I did this to ensure that the students would watch the video and gain the most important points from it.

SqoolTube Videos: Social Studies Videos

BrainPOP Social Studies

Neo K12 Social Studies

PBS Teachers

History Videos - Keith Hughes - YouTube

Universal Newsreels

Teacher Notes

A good way to start a lesson is to use a picture or go over an event that happened on this day in history.

Big History Project

History for Kids (created by a 12 yr. old student)

5 Step Blueprint for Designing Great Social Studies Projects — Emerging Education Technologies


National Jukebox

Talking History

Historical Voices

American History & Social Science Data

Metropolitan Areas

Digital History


History Central

Learning Page: American Memory Project (LOC)

American Labor Study Center

The History Place

Oral History

What is Oral History?

Oral History Association

My Social Studies pages

Today in History (Library of Congress)

EyeWitness to History

Social Studies Links - EdTech

dMarie Time Capsule: On This Day In History...

This Day in History: History Channel

 British Pathé

10 Apps to Help Students With Their Social Studies Homework

Social Studies Simulations

Western Civilization/World History Simulations

Social Studies Simulations

Social Studies Skills

21st Century Skills | NCSS

Everyday Graphs

Using Microsoft Excel to Create a Chart or Graph

My Charts & Graphs page

 History Essay Planner

Historiography: TOK Theory of Knowledge in History


History Topics - Articles, Video, Pictures and Facts

History Net

Mr. Donn - Social Studies

Simple History

Social Studies for Kids

Teaching A People's History - Zinn Education Project

Zombie Nation

My National History Day page

Social Scientists, Other Careers (Occupational Outlook Handbook

My Tech Integration in Social Studies page

My History Teachers page