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****SMARTBoard Activities****

My Mobi Page

Collaborative Whiteboard Apps for the Classroom

Smartboard Troubleshooting Tips

Interactive Whiteboard Lessons - Modern Chalkboard

SmartBoard On-line Training Videos

Sharing SMARTer Strategies

How to Use an Interactive Whiteboard

Twiddla – Online Collaborative White Board That’s Quick and Easy to Use

Five ways to win with interactive white boards

The 5 Coolest Things You Can Do on the SMART Board

6 Free Online Interactive White Boards

Ten Ways to Get Smart with SMARTBoard

56* Ways to use your Interactive Whiteboards

65 Free Interactive Whiteboard Resources | TeachHUB

SMART Board Goodies

SMARTer Resources - LiveBinder

Teachers Love SMART Boards - Resources for the SMART Board classroom

CoSketch- Online Whiteboard Collaboration


Scriblink - Your Online Whiteboard

Scribblar - Free Online Whiteboard and Collaboration Tool

Twiddla -Team WhiteBoarding

Online Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive Whiteboard Games | PBS KIDS

Memory Games on the SMARTBoard – Teachers Love SMART Boards

 Free Interactive Whiteboard Resources

Elementary Interactive Smartboard Sites

TES iboard

Elementary Smartboard Lesson

CCSD-Elementary Whiteboard Sites

SMART Board Resources – Center School District

SmartBoard Ideas

SMART Board Resources for Teachers

All Interactive Whiteboard Resources

Promethean Planet

Promethean World

Teachers Love SMART Boards: Subject: Spec Ed

Interactive Whiteboard Resources: Literacy, Key Stage 1 - Topmarks Education

Mimmio Wiki

Engaging Learners the SMARTboard Way

Eno Boards

The Eno Interactive Whiteboard – A Teacher’s First Glimpse

Polyvision eno Interactive Whiteboards


Communication Arts

SMART Resources / Literacy

Smart Boards in Elementary Classrooms - Communication Arts


SMART Board Goodies

Smartboard in the Classroom - Communication Arts

Cardigans and Curriculum: Smartboard - Primary Based Literature SmartBoard L:essons

SMART Board Templates - Literature Templates

SMART Board Website Resources - Communication Arts

Fine Arts

SMART Resources / Fine Arts

SMART Board Resources / Art

Smartboard in the Classroom - Applied and Fine Arts

10 Great Art resources for your Interactive Whiteboard


Great Smartboard Math Site: Math Interactives

Math for SMARTBoard

Virtual Manipulatives Mini Movies

SMART Board Math Games: Educational Math Games For Your SMART Board

SMART Board Website Resources - Math sites

Harvey's Homepage: Smartboard in Math

SMART Resources / Numeracy

Interactive Whiteboard Resources Maths, Key Stage 2 - Topmarks Education

Interactive Math Sites for the SmartBoard

NLVM Pre-K - 2 - Number & Operations Manipulatives

Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies, Music, Art and PE Interactive Sites

Smart Boards in Elementary Classrooms - Math


SMART Board Resources / Music

Smartboard Lessons - Mustech Wiki

Physical Education and Health

Smartboard in the Classroom - Physical Ed & Health

SMART Board Resources / Health and PE

SMART Resources / Health and Career Education


SMART Resources / Science

Interactive Mini Movies - Science

A Touch of Class (Science)

Smartboard in the Classroom - Science

SMART Board Website Resources - Science

Social Studies

SMART Resources / Social Studies

Smartboard in the Classroom - Social Studies

SMART Board Website Resources Social Studies

SMART Board Tools Social Studies

Smart Board & IWB Resources - Internet4Classrooms

Kindergarten Resources for Teachers, Students and Parents at I4C

Kindergarten SmartBoard Sites

Smart Boards in Elementary Classrooms

SMART Resources- District #73 Elementary School Teachers

SMARTboard Resources Classroom Connection

All Longwood Smartboard Lessons

Engaging Learners the SMARTboard Way

SMART Resources from Dolores Gende

SMART Board Templates Center School District

White Board Materials

SmartBoard Lessons and Activities

Esheninger's smartboard Bookmarks on Delicious

BioWiki - Wiiboard