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Sharing Blitz

Have a "Smackdown" at a faculty conference or parent meeting. 
Use students to show the tech tools! 

It all started for me during #ntcamp in Philadelphia (2010).  I found it impossible to choose which session to attend during each time period.  I wanted to attend all of them. 

The one session I really wanted to be at was the Smackdown. However I had promised another presenter to be at her session.
Steve Anderson @web20classroom (a must follow) ran the Smackdown.

I was determined not to miss the Smackdown at #edcampCitrus  It was a great session in which not only educators gave their selections but some of the Citrus High School students showed us some of their recommended sites.  A big shoutout to:
@lottascales  @jswiatek @blairteach

I showed the assemblage my Technology pages  I went to my Voice Thread page and made one on the spot.  At the end of the session one of the teachers came up to me and said she was definitely going to make a Voice Thread to use with her students! She saw how this tool she had never seen before could be used in her classroom!


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Sharing Blitz compliments of @k_shelton


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A Smackdown or Show and Tell is a sharing of websites, tools or teaching tricks that you have found to be great to use.  You are given 2 minutes to present the tool to the group.
Online Stopwatch

I strongly urge anyone planning an edcamp or TeachMeet to have this session during the lunch period.  Of course, you have to get someone to sponsor the lunch.  Or have a Smackdown for the entire group attending.

In this way everyone attending has the opportunity to see these wonderful tools and sites.  I feel this will definitely get those teachers who are reluctant to use technology to see great tools they could use that they never knew were available.

Another suggestion is to have someone sit at the main computer.  The next presenter hands this person a card with website to be presented on it before they get up to present.  This saves time. Presenter can then take over computer and site will be up on screen.


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