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 Sign Language

Some apps I use with my youngest granddaughter:
Baby Sign and Learn and ASL Dictionary Lite

100 first signs: American Sign Language (ASL)

YouTube - Signing Time! "Nice to Meet You"

Sign Language - Learning, Teaching, and Using Sign Language

ASL American Sign Language

ASL Browser

Signing Savvy | ASL Sign Language Video Dictionary

American Manual Alphabet Chart

Sign Language

Using Sign Language in Special Ed Classrooms - LiveBinder

My Sensory Awareness Page





Parent Notes:

I was very intrigued when my daughter told my wife and I she was going to do sign language with her baby daughter.  Seeing it in action when my granddaughter signed I was amazed.  I really wished we had done this with our my daughter as she had speech and language difficulties as a child.

Baby Sign Language Resources to Teach Sign Language for Babies

Baby sign language: A good idea? -

Baby Signs | When To Start Using Sign Language With Your Baby | Free Online Infant Signing Tips

Baby Sign Language Signs - Teach Your Infant or Toddler Signing | Babies and Sign Language Website

SLP- Signing Pinterest