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Digital or Electronic Portfolios

Free Apps to Create Digital Portfolios for Students and Teachers

Free Technology for Teachers: Student Stories - ClassDojo Portfolios on Chromebooks, Desktops, and Mobile Devices

Digital Portfolios with Bloomz | @shfarnsworth

Capture, Document & Communicate Learning through ePortfolios | FreshGrade @freshgrade

Student Portfolios: A new take on an old tradition – "Put me in, coach!" @lisa_westman

4 Great iPad Apps to Create Digital Portfolios

4 Steps for Getting Started with Student Digital Portfolios

5 Easy Steps for Setting Up Google Portfolios

5 Essential Questions about ePortfolios

12 Educational Apps To Create Digital Portfolios

Defining Portfolio Assessment

Student Portfolios as an Assessment Tool:Education World

Using Technology to Support
Alternative Assessment and Electronic Portfolios

Dr. Helen Barrett's Electronic Portfolios

Digital Portfolios - LiveBinder

ePortfolio Templates for Teachers & Leaders | Connected Principals

How to Create a Portfolio with Evernote (Education Series) | Evernote Blogcast

How to Create Student Digital Portfolios Using Evernote on Vimeo

Easy Portfolio – Create Student Portfolios on Your iPad | iPad Apps for School

Portfolio Generation - Create a Customized Teacher Portfolio Webpage


What’s a Digital Portfolio and Why Should You Use it?

​‘Picture This’: A Step by Step Guide on Digital Learning Portfolios in the Classroom | EdSurge News

Resources on ePortfolios | @KimFoxWOSU

GoEnnounce - Connect Your Network To Your Education

The (Nearly) Invisible Portfolio

My Seesaw Page

Great Tips and Tools to Create Digital e-Portfolio

Using E-Portfolios in the Classroom

How Do Digital Portfolios Help Students? - EdTechReview™

Digital Portfolios: Revise, Reflect & Publish | Catlin Tucker, Honors English Teacher

Importance of eportfolios for today's students & job seekers

A great How-to Tutorial on Creating Student Portfolios on iPad Using Google Drive App

Electronic Portfolios in the K-12 Classroom

Dynamite Digital Portfolios - LiveBinder

Using Portfolios in Education

Beginner's Guide to Creating a WordPress Portfolio (Tutorial)

#Blogging #Presentation #Portfolio

Examples of blog/portfolios in education - Screenr @gcouros

Blogfolios: The Glue that Can Hold it All Together in Learning |  @langwitches

Create A Free Online Portfolio Website | Dunked

Evaluating the Electronic Portfolio

E-Portfolio Rubric (electronic portfolio)

Giving Student Choice with Digital Portfolios

Three Ring | An App for Teachers to Create Educational Portfolios of Student Work with an iPhone, iPad, or Android Smartphone

LiveBinders Page

How to Make a Teacher Portfolio That Gets You the Job!