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Middle Ages - Medieval History

Why were the Middle Ages so dark? Because there were lots of knights

Medieval Sites on the Web

Welcome to the Middle Ages

The Labyrinth - Medieval Studies

NetSerf: Medieval Resources

Medieval Names Archive

Pilgrims Passing To and Fro

Middle Ages Literature

Best Books for Teaching About the Middle Ages

EyeWitness to History

The Middle Ages and Renaissance

Middle Ages Maps

A Medieval Atlas

Middle Ages Maps (


My Renaissance Page

Medieval History (The Middle Ages) links

Internet History Sourcebooks

Middle Ages - Medieval Resources

Medieval Period

Medieval History - Best of Websites

Medieval Period

Medieval Siege

Glossary for Medieval Art and Architecture

Medieval Cookery

Middle Ages (History Link 101)

What was it really like to live in the Middle Ages?

Medieval History Games

Middle Ages & Medieval Times

SCA Medieval and Renaissance Music