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Learning Spaces

I always told my students that "learning takes place everywhere and at all times."

Learning Space Toolkit

Flexible Spaces Need to Lead to Flexible Learning @E_Sheninger

Back to School Learning Space Guide.pdf - @drrobertdillon

Managing the narrative around learning space design | @drrobertdillon

Have Your Students Help You Design the Learning Environment - The Edvocate

Elementary School
Whole Building Design Guide

Learning to Teach in Space: Design Principles for Faculty Development in Active Learning Classrooms.pdf -

School Building Design sites on
Architecture page

Setting Up Your Classroom page

Classroom pages

Making Learning Spaces That Inspire and Engage | Emerging Education Technologies

Build Learning Spaces That Inspire Innovation - Work in Progress - Education Week Teacher

How to Design Spaces that Amplify Learning - The Tech Edvocate

Where Classroom Design Meets Design Thinking | EdSurge News

7 Resources for Designing
Innovative Learning Spaces @DavidGeurin

Seven Principles
Spaces for Knowledge Generation

Learning and Information Commons page

Learning Centers page