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School Leadership Chats

#satchat 7:30am Saturday mornings for East Coast leaders
#LeadLAP 7:30 am PST for West Coast leaders


“If your actions inspire others to dream more, do more, and become more, you are a leader."

Digital Leadership

Digital Leadership - Pinterest page by Eric Sheninger @E_Sheninger @NMHS_Principal

5 Ways to Improve Your District’s Digital Leadership - The Edvocate

The 7 Pillars of Today's Digital Leadership

12 Must-Have Digital Leadership Apps, Tools, and Resources - The Edvocate

Great Leaders Stand Out @E_Sheninger

Student Leadership

Students Should be Taught to be Digital Leaders Instead of Digital Citizens - The Tech Edvocate

Students as Leaders
Launching Student Tech Teams in the Library

Rethinking Student (Digital) Leadership and Digital Citizenship

Leadership Activities for Elementary Students

Leadership Activities for Middle School Students

Leadership Activities for High School Students

7 Characteristics of Effective Education Leaders | ASCD Inservice

9 Things Successful Leaders Do All The Time

10 Strategies to Improve Instructional Leadership

How to Be a Leader
When You Are Not the Leader


How to Teach Leadership Skills to Kids


"A title doesn't automatically annoint one as a leader. Leadership is comprised of a dynamic mix of behaviors, mindset, and skills, which are used to move people where a leader wants them to be for the betterment of the organization." Eric Sheninger





My Administrators page

My Collaborative Leadership page

A Principal's Reflections: Why Every Leader Needs a PLN @E_Sheninger

Educational Leadership - Articles, Resources for Educators ASCD

The Most Critical Trait of Highly Effective Edu Leaders @TonySinanis

4 Characteristics of Learning Leaders

5 Ways to be a Change Leader in Your School

18 things that leaders of innovative schools do differently | @mcleod | Dangerously Irrelevant

What Makes An Innovative Leader?

How To Listen Like A Leader @leadershipfreak

My Listening page

Teacher Leadership

K12teacherleadership | Understanding, Growing and Empowering Teacher Leadership

Teacher leader on Pinterest | Leadership, Faculty Meetings and Professional Learning Communities

Association of Leadership Educators - JOLE

Leadership Profile: Pam Moran @pammoran | Scholastic

Principals Identify Top Ten Leadership Traits

NAESP - National Association of Elementary School Principals

NASSP - National Association of Secondary School Principals

Teacher Notes:

When I think of great leaders Todd Whitaker @ToddWhitaker, Eric Sheninger @E_Sheninger, Pam Moran @pammoran and Jimmy Casas @casas_jimmy, Scott Rocco  @ScottRRocco immediately come to mind as well as countless others that I have come in contact with through Twitter.  I wished I have served under so many of these leaders.