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Industrial Revolution
How I introduced The Industrial  Revolution

To introduce the Industrial Revolution I did a “Lego” activity with my students. I would have teams of students working in an assembly line either constructing a bridge or a building. Each team had a specific responsibility in this process.

The children enjoyed competing against the other students in the class.

Our Invention

Another fun activity is to have teams of students "invent" an item. They are required to build a small model of their invention, create an advertising campaign for the product and introduce this to the class.

People of the Industrial Revolution

Industrial Revolution Inventors

Alexander Graham Bell: Scottish Inventor

Sir Henry Bessemer: Inventor & Engineer

Andrew Carnegie: Rags to Riches (PBS)

Andrew Carnegie (American Experience - PBS)

Thomas Edison: American Inventor

 Henry Ford

Robert Fulton

Cyrus Hall McCormick: Inventor

The Rockefellers (American Experience: PBS)

Samuel Slater: Father of the
American Industrial Revolution

James Watt

Eli Whitney

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Industrial Revolution Lessons (Library of Congress)

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The Industrial Revolution: Its affects and consequences

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American Inventors and Inventions

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"Top 10 Industrial Revolution Inventions"

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