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High School
High School

8 Must-Have High School Apps and Tools

14 of the Best Apps for Kids in the 12 Grade - The Tech Edvocate

20 of the Best Apps for Kids in the 11th Grade - The Tech Edvocate

27 of the Best Apps for Kids in the Ninth Grade - The Tech Edvocate

 33 of the Best Apps for Kids in the 10th Grade - The Tech Edvocate

What Your Child Should Learn in 9th Grade - The Edvocate

What Your Child Should Learn in 10th Grade - The Edvocate

What Your Child Should Learn in 12th - The Edvocate

High School (Grades 9-12) Activities, Lesson Plans, Educational Worksheets & Handouts - Share My Lesson

Team Building Activities for High School Students

Educational Videos for Kids about Science, Math, Social Studies and English

Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan Library Grades 9-12

Lesson Plans: 9-12- Xpeditions @ nationalgeographic

Teacher Connections NY Times

Other Sites

 High School Life Skills- HomeworkSpot

High School Study Break- HomeworkSpot


High School College Prep- HomeworkSpot

Your High-Schooler - FamilyEducation


The Dangerous, Costly Phenomenon
(That Only Affects High School Seniors) - Senioritis


High School Fine Arts
High School - HomeworkSpot Fine Arts

High School Foreign Languages
High School - HomeworkSpot Foreign Languages

High School Health and Fitness
High School Health and Fitness- HomeworkSpot

High School Language Arts
High School English - HomeworkSpot

Student Writing Models Grades 9-12

The Online Books Page

High School Math
High School Math - HomeworkSpot High School Math

Internet Resources for use in Secondary Mathematics classes

High School Science
High School Science- HomeworkSpot

High School Social Studies

High School Social Studies- HomeworkSpot

THOMAS (Library of Congress)

High School Technology
High School Technology- HomeworkSpot

Career Tech and College Prep | Edutopia

College Information page

My Study Skills and Organization page

Test Preparation page