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How Do You Teach Grammar? @Flocabulary Hosts #engchat

Teacher Notes

When teaching  students how to write sentences I told them: "Keep it short, sweet but complete!"

 Parts of Speech page
Conjunctions Quiz

Simple subject and predicate

Noun Dunk

Noun Worksheets, Plurals, and Puzzles's Paint By Idioms Game

 Antonyms and Synonyms page

Quia - Proofreading 1 Game

 Punctuation page

Diagramming Sentences

Sentences: Parts of a Sentence

Sentence Clubhouse

Road to Grammar

 Grammar Lesson Plans

7 Grammatical Errors You May Not Realize You're Making @EasyBib

10 of the Best Grammar and Writing Apps for Elementary School Students - The Tech Edvocate

10 Of The Best Grammar and Writing Apps for Middle School Students - The Tech Edvocate

21 Grammar Rules for Effective Communication [Infographic]

Grammar Apps and Websites
Emerging Education Technologies

Daily Grammar

Grammar Glossary

English Grammar

English Grammar Videos

Grammar Girl

Grammar Gold

Grammar Songs & Videos (Flocabulary)

Grammar and Parts of Speech

Grammarly: Free Writing Assistant

English Tenses Timeline Reference

ESL/ELL-English Grammar and Vocabulary Tests, Worksheets, Free ESL Resources

English Grammar for ESL Learners

Grammar Book: English Rules Grammar Rules Punctuation and Capitalization Rules

Grammar Bytes - Interactive Grammar Review

Follow @grammarbytes on Twitter for Daily Quiz

The Online English Grammar

Grammar Games

Grammar Gorillas - Parts of Speech

Grammar Blast

Games Zone - online English language games (learn English through games)

The Plural Girls

 Language Arts pages