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Flipped Classroom


My Flipped PD Page

A #FlipClass Welcome - YouTube

Teacher Notes: Have your students create the podcasts, vodcasts, videos for flipped learning.

My Flip Class Mavens


The Flip Class Network - Teacher Vodcasting Network

Flipping The Classroom… A Goldmine of Research and Resources To Keep You On Your Feet

Flipping - For Teachers - LibGuides at Springfield Township High School

Flipped Classroom- Tracey Gillies - YouTube

Student feedback on the flipped classroom, instant feedback and technology focused assessment procedures.@MrSchwen

Flipped-Mastery Classroom Video

The Flipped Classroom YouTube

In this Chemistry Lesson you meet your teachers Aaron Sams and Jonathan Bergmann. They teach students how to watch video podcasts and gives them an introduction to the year.


How to create a 'flipped' video lecture for at-home study | PBS NewsHour

With flipped learning, how to make sure students are doing the work | eSchool News

'Flipped' classrooms take advantage of technology – USATODAY

The Backwards Class -- THE Journal

The best way to reach each student? Private school Math teacher flips learning - THE DAILY RIFF - Be Smarter. About Education.

Reflecting on the flipped class through student feedback

How one school turned homework on its head with 'flipped' instruction | PBS NewsHour

Flipped Class Pinterest Board

Flipping the Classroom - LiveBinder

Flipped-Mastery-Student Impressions - Teacher Vodcasting Network

The Flipped Class Blog: The State of the Flipped Class Model.

Stillwater's 5th Grade Math Flipped Class

DeSoto Central Middle - Free Educational Videos for K-12 Students

Mrs. Matthews Science/Social Studies Class - Free Educational Videos for K-12 Students

What About Students With No Access? - FAQ - Katie Gimbar's Flipped Classroom - YouTube

The Flipped Classroom: Answering Obama’s Call For Creativity In Education

Education Dreamer: The Flipped Classroom

Zanesville area teachers use technology to flip classroom

 mauilibrarian2 in Olinda: Mrs. Lac Experiments with the Flipped Classroom

McSquared: Flip this class

Flipping with Kirch

Adventures in the Flipped Classroom…part 1 « benrouse

The Flipped Class: Show Me the Data! - THE DAILY RIFF - Be Smarter. About Education.

Screenr | Instant screencasts: Just click record for your flipped classroom

Reverse Instruction Tools And Techniques (Part 1) | Emerging Education Technology

Reverse Instruction Tools And Techniques (Part 2) – Screencasting | Emerging Education Technology

Reverse Instruction Tools And Techniques (Part 3) – Using Existing Web Based Educational Content | Emerging Education Technology

A Flipped Approach: Flipping my Flipped Classroom

The Flipped Classroom as a Vehicle to the Future - YouTube

"I Can't Imagine Going Back": Inside A Duke Professor's Flipped Classroom

 Explain Everything app

bulb | Share Your Smarts

Knowmia - Technology for Teaching. Made Simple.

My Podcasting - Vodcast Page


What IS the Flipped Class? | Flipped Learning

The History of the Flipped Class

The Vod Couple -- THE Journal

The Flipped Classroom Explained in 22 minutes

The Flipped Class Manifest

The Flipped Classroom: An Infographic Explanation  by Peter Pappas

3 Minute Teaching With Tech Tutorial – Using TedEd for Flipped or Blended Learning Lessons

The Flipped Classroom: Tips for Integrating Moments of Reflection

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Flipping Your Classroom — PikeMall Tech

Flipped Library

The Flipped Classroom España

Flipping the iPad Enabled Classroom

Flipped Learning #65: Augmented Reality with Drew Minock - EdReach

Flipped Class #sschat

Key Questions You Should Ask Before You Flip Your Class | ASCD Inservice

So you want to flip your class... - Thomasson and Morris Flip the English Classroom

Flipped Learning Journal

Flipped Learning Network

Flip Teaching Resources

EDpuzzle - Make any video your lesson

The Teacher Report: Apps for a Flipped Classroom

My Flipped Math Class and Edmodo

My Flipping Failure

TED-ED: Creating a Flipped Lesson by @CTuckerEnglish

Inside the Flipped Classroom -- THE Journal

What Educators think of the Flipped Class
Flipped Learning

The Flipped Classroom: Pro and Con | Edutopia

Kleinspiration: The Foundations of Flipping

The flipping librarian « NeverEndingSearch

Blogging About The Web 2.0 Connected Classroom: Flipping For Your Faculty...It's Easier Than Videos

Mobile Learning and The Flipped Classroom

Flipping for Beginners: Harvard Education Letter

Flipped Classroom Higher Education

Flipped Class Links - Teacher Vodcasting Network

Making the flip | ShowMe Voice Blog

3 Keys to a Flipped Classroom

Five Best Practices for the Flipped Classroom | Edutopia

5 Digital Tools For The Flipped Classroom

5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Flipped My Class.mp4 - YouTube

The Innovative Educator: Five Reasons I'm Not Flipping Over The Flipped Classroom

Flipped Learning: A Response To Five Common Criticisms | November Learning

7 Stories From Educators About Teaching In The Flipped Classroom | Emerging Education Technology

8 Great Videos About the Flipped Classroom

9 Video Tips for a Better Flipped Classroom

Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts When Flipping Your Classroom

Top 10 Sites/Apps for a Flipped Classroom

Part 1: Flipping The Classroom? … 12 Resources To Keep You On Your Feet

27 Simple Ways To Flip The Classroom - Edudemic

Is Reverse Instruction Education Technology’s Perfect Storm? | Emerging Education Technology

Flipped Model of Learning: A Podcast with Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams | November Learning

Flipped Classroom: Flipped Talent Management Practices - K-12 Talent Manager - Education Week

Edina Technology Integration: Edubloggercon Session 2: The Flipped Classroom- the Full Picture

Flipped Learning….The next big thing « The Principal's Principles

The Flipped Classroom : Education Next

The Flipped Classroom Model: A Full Picture « User Generated Education

Are You Ready to Flip?

Why I Bothered To Flip My Classroom

The Flipped Class = flipped homework - THE DAILY RIFF - Be Smarter. About Education.

Reverse and Improve Your Instruction with Screencasts: Lecture at home, practice at school

Daniel Pink's Think Tank: Flip-thinking – the new buzz word sweeping the US - Telegraph

Flipping the classroom

Teacher Ideas | Flip Your Classroom by Erin Klein

Thoughts on My First Flip

The Flipped Classroom Advances: Developments in Reverse Learning and Instruction « 21k12

Salman Khan: Let's use video to reinvent education | Video on

The Electric Educator: Flip your classroom through reverse instruction» Blog Archive » The Flipped Classroom

Time-shifting instruction: flipped teaching and classrooms | Technology with Intention

Interactive flipped instruction with YouTube annotations and time-markers