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October 27, 1978 Excerpt from letter to me: "I am sure you will agree with me that the Energy Field Seminar was an outstanding educational endeavor. It provided not only an insight into the acquisition, production and transmission of energy, but also into the economic, societal, and environmental implications... It was a distinct pleasure meeting you and having the opportunity to be a co-participant with you in the seminar activities." (Edward P. Ortleb - President - National Science Teachers Association) - Note: twenty educators members of both NCSS & NSTA
from all across the United States (representing all educational levels) were chosen to participate
in a ten day all-expense paid energy seminar in Arizona and New Mexico)


The Energy Kids - Culver Company, Inc.

Written by Cybrary Man

Renewable Energy

Renewable Resource Data Center

Fuel Our Future Now

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Energy Resources Geothermal

Energy Resources Biomass


Wave Power

Hydroelectric Power

Hydropower Information

Hydropower Program

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

The Solar Guide - your guide to solar and renewable energy

Solar Energy Videos

The Energy Story - Chapter 16: Wind Energy

Free Technology for Teachers: Harnessing the Power of Wind - A National Geographic Interactive Lesson

Nuclear Science

The ABC's of Nuclear Science

How Nuclear Power Works

Nuclear Power History
Glossary of Nuclear Science Terms

Fermi Creates Controlled Nuclear Reaction 1942

Timeline of Nuclear Technology
Exploring the Table of Isotopes

Atomic Archive

Nuclear Reaction

Nuclear Power Plants Around the World

NRC Unit 3 Nuclear Reactors-Energy Generation

How Nuclear Radiation Works

RadTown USA U.S. EPA

Energy Resources Nuclear power

Alsos Digital Library for Nuclear Issues

Energy Tutorial

Glossary of Energy Terms

Energy Sources Videos

Energy and Work Videos

Mr. Young's Bouncy A  SmartBoard Resources & Educational Activities Energy Links

What Is Energy - EnergyToys.pdf

Can energy be created or destroyed?

Digital Books about Energy

Energy Saving

Home Energy Saver

Energy Savers: Your Home

National Grid - Inside Your Bill

EERE Energy Savers

Partnerships for Home Energy Efficiency

Energy Hog: Hog and Seek game


Energy Information especially for Kids

Energy Quest

Energy Kids

The Atoms Family

Energy Activities Book with Energy Ant


Department of Energy - For Students and Kids


The Green Squad
Kids taking action for greener
healthier schools

Energy Citations Database

National Energy Education Development Project

KEEP - Wisconsin K-12
Energy Education Program

Office of Fossil Energy

Fossil Fuels: Coal, Oil and Gas are called Fossil Fuels

Coal Energy

Yahoo Directory
Energy Sites

"How do you clean up an oil spill?"

If You Think You Have a Sense of the Oil Spill's Scale

Global Marine Oil Pollution Information Gateway Kids' pages