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El Niņo


El Niņo Theme Page

El Niņo - and What is the Southern Oscillation Anyway?!

El Niņo Theme Page (NOAA)

NOAA El Niņo Page

NOAA La Niņa Page

El Niņo - When the Pacific Ocean Speaks, Earth Listens (JPL)

The Top 10 El Niņo Events - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

El Niņo/Southern Oscillation Diagnostic Discussion

El Niņo and La Niņa: Tracing the Dance of Ocean and Atmosphere

El Niņo Web Sites

What is an El Niņo?

Frequently asked questions about El Niņo.

What's happening in the atmosphere during El Niņo?

Impacts of El Niņo and benefits of El Niņo prediction

Hot Air over Hot Water

El Niņo happens when weakening trade winds (which sometimes even reverse direction) allow the warmer water from the western Pacific to flow toward the east. This flattens out the sea level, builds up warm surface water off the coast of South America, and increases the temperature of the water in the eastern Pacific.
An El Niņo condition results from weakened trade winds in the western Pacific Ocean near Indonesia, allowing piled-up warm water to flow toward South America.
El Niņo/ENSO-Short-And-Long Term Effects

El Niņo's Dramatic Impact on Ocean Biology

E l N i ņ o' s C o a s t s

A movie of El Niņo