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Electrical Safety From A to Zap
Activity Book
Culver Company, Inc.
Written by Cybrary Man

Wonderopolis Blog Archive Who Discovered Electricity?

Edison After Forty

Thomas A. Edison Papers


Games and Activities

Energy and Electricity Vocabulary List of Terms for games

Energy and Electricity Vocabulary Concentration

Energy and Electricity Vocabulary Flash Cards

Energy and Electricity Vocabulary Matching

Energy and Electricity Vocabulary Word Search

What is Electricity?

Electricity Videos

What are Amps, Watts, Volts and Ohms?

Squishy Circuits

Teachers' Lesson Plans - Switched on Kids

History of the Battery


Charges and Fields - Electric Field
PhET Interactive Simulations

Electricity, Magnets & Circuits
PhET Interactive Simulations

Magnet Man

 Physics/Electricity & Magnetism - Exploratorium


Electrical Safety Links