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IADMS: International Association for Dance Medicine & Science Resource Paper: Dance Fitness

IADMS: Resources for Teachers

NDA: National Dance Association

SDHS: Society of Dance History Scholars

Dance Steps, Instruction, Lessons, Tips Ballet, Ballroom, Breakdancing, Folk, Jazz, Swing...


Ballet Dance Links
Dancer's Domain
Ballet Dance Links

Evolution of Dance (cute comedy video)
Dance Style Locator

Dance Educators of America

Lesson Plan Search Dance

PEC Dance Lesson Ideas and Plans

Fine Arts - Dance Lesson Plan Search

Just Dance #Kinderchat - Symbaloo

Tap Dance Lessons

Tap Dancing for Beginners: Video Series | eHow Videos

Dance Magazine


Dance Links (Critical Dance)

Dance Music

Folk Dance Association

An American Ballroom Companion: Dance Instruction Manuals 1490-1920

Dance Instruction Manuals: Video Directory

Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom Dance Online Tutorial

Ballroom Basics, The Waltz, The Fox Trot andThe East Coast Swing

Swing Dance Steps

The Katherine Dunham Collection at the Library of Congress (The Library of Congress Presents Music, Theater and Dance)