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Cross Curricular - Interdisciplinary Teaching

Integrated Curriculum

Some Examples of Cross Curricular
with Social Studies

Cross Curriculum Projects - #sschat

Interdisciplinary Learning: History & English

'Renaissance Day' Cross Curricular Project

Primary Resources: Topic, Themed and Cross-Curricular Resources

Making cross-curricular links in history
The Historical Association

Science and History in Cross-Curricular Teaching

Cross Curricular Plan on Deserts of the World

Cross Curricular Project - SS - Eng - Math
Cuban Missile Crisis and The Cold War

History of the Atom | Cross-curricular project

Cross Curricular Project Ideas

Egyptian Mathematics

A Project about Pyramids and Mathematics

DIA Ancient Egypt Lesson Plans Art Wall Relief Plaque

Ancient Egypt Science & Technology

Ancient and Modern Olympic Sports

Teacher Notes

In 1973 I was asked to teach a lesson in a television studio for a Career Education series. Not too far from our school was a huge housing project under construction (Starrett City).  I decided to focus on that building project. I enlisted the Art teacher to help the students create a model of the 46 buildings.  I had the Math and Science teachers  do lessons on the construction and engineering features. The Language Arts teacher helped the students develop good questions for the speakers I had invited to talk with the students.  The speakers including the project manager, several construction supervisors and an architect.  The lesson went extremely well and it was a good way to involve many different subject areas.  The Spanish classes helped translate our project for spanish-speaking people

(I wish to thank you for all of the work which you did in preparing the youngsters of Class 8-A to participate in the televised lesson which you taught at Station WNYE Channel 25 TV...from my Principal)

(Three years later I received this from a former student) “Hi, I just had to write! The most fascinating thing just happened.  I was sitting on the couch watching cable television when a familiar face came on the screen. It was yours! My, you haven’t changed in the least bit.”

One day I walked into my classroom and found a window with a bullet hole in it.  I found the bullet lodged in a wall in the room.  I put a sign on the window:  Trace the trajectory of the bullet.  I had the Math & Science teacher help me determine where the bullet was fired from. Cross curricular teaching!



Of Bridges and Blue Suede Shoes
Cross-curricular Connections

Cross-Curricular working and ideas with languages | MFL South East

ICTmagic Resources

Meaningful Fragments: What's the big deal? - Why cross curricular collaboration is so darn good for kids

Lesson Plans for Cross Curricular Studies, Thematic Instruction: Educational CyberPlayGround™

Teacher Resources by Subject, Holiday, & Theme (Grades K-12) - TeacherVision

Tips for Team Teaching Across the Curriculum | TeachHUB

Interdisciplinary teaching

Interdisciplinary Thematic Lesson Plans

Developing Interdisciplinary Units: Strategies and Examples

Awesome Library - Materials Search - Lesson Plans - Multidisciplinary

Interdisciplinary Teaching Tips

HPSS Modules Iteration 2 | Steve Mouldey

Hero Project - My daughter's eighth grade SS & English teachers worked together on this project.  Students had to choose an American Hero.  In SS class they had to do the research and then give an oral presentation.  The actual report was done in the English class.

Whatever novel they were reading in English class was what they were studying in Social Studies.

Integrated Curriculum Resource Guide

Integrated Curriculum (NWREL)

Integrated Curriculum & Interdisciplinary Teaching | Edutopia

Integrated Curriculum (NCREL)

My Writing Curriculum Page

I created and moderated the first #engsschat to start more cross curricular collaboration.

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