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Baruch's Chemistry Lab Safety Tutorial

 Chemistry: A to Z Chemistry Dictionary

Periodic Table Page

Chemistry Animations and Java Applets

Chemistry Simulations

Zoom Kitchen Chemistry

Chemistry Videos

Chemistry Demonstration Videos

Chemistry | Video Courses on Academic Earth

Chemistry Lesson Plans

Chemistry Lesson Plans

Science class - Free chemistry lessons resources

Chemistry History

This Week in the History of Chemistry

Nobel Prizes in Chemistry

Science Lab page

Experiments page

Science pages


Teacher Notes:  A fun activity that really gets the
students interest is making ice cream.
Here are some links to help you do this type of activity:

Finding Science in Ice Cream

Ice Cream Science

The Secret Science of Ice Cream
American Chemical Society

Making Ice Cream Activity

Homemade Ice Cream - Sick Science!
Experiments | Steve Spangler Science

National Ice Cream Day Third Sunday in July

Mole Day

Mole Day commemorates Avogadro's Number

ChemSynthesis - Chemical Database

App Ed Review Roundup: Chemistry Tools


Chem Tutor

Chemistry Calculators

NIST Chemistry Web Book

Creative Chemistry

7 Chemical Reactions
That Will Fascinate Your Science Class [VIDEO]

American Chemistry Council

Chemical Information from the Environmental Health Information Program of the National Library of Medicine ChemIDplus