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Baruch's Chemistry Lab Safety Tutorial

My Periodic Table Page

Chemistry Animations and Java Applets

Chemistry-Based QuickTime, Shockwave Flash, GIF

Chemistry Java Applets

ChemLab - Resources - Applets

Chemistry Animations

Chemistry Simulations

Zoom Kitchen Chemistry

Chemistry Videos

Chemistry Demonstration Videos

Free downloadable Chemistry Video Lecture courses

Chemistry | Video Courses on Academic Earth

Chemistry Comes Alive

Chemistry Videos

Chemistry Lesson Plans

The Science Spot Chemistry Lesson Plan Links

Chemistry Lesson Plans

ProTeacher! Chemistry K-5 lesson plans

Chemistry Lesson Plans and Clipart

Lesson Plans - General and Introductory Chemistry

Chemistry Lesson Plan Menu

Science class - Free chemistry lessons resources

Chemistry History

This Week in the History of Chemistry

Nobel Prizes in Chemistry

Women in Chemistry Her Lab in Your Life

Chemical Information from the Environmental Health Information Program of the National Library of Medicine ChemIDplus

Atomic Structure and Atomic Model
Atomic Structure - Chem Tutor

Atomic Theory I

The Bohr Model

My Science Lab Page

My Experiments Page

My Science Pages


Teacher Notes:  A fun activity that really gets the
students interest is making ice cream.
Here are some links to help you do this type of activity:

Finding Science in Ice Cream

The Secret Science of Ice Cream
American Chemical Society

Homemade Ice Cream - Sick Science!
Experiments | Steve Spangler Science

National Ice Cream Day

National Ice Cream Day Third Sunday in July

Ice Cream Recipes

Mole Day

Chemistry Resources Surfnetkids

Chemical Searching and Chemistry Databases

ChemSynthesis - Chemical Database

App Ed Review Roundup: Chemistry Tools

General Chemistry

AP Chemistry

General Chemistry Online

Cavalcade o' Chemistry



Chem Tutor

ChemEdLinks's Bookmarks on Delicious

Chemistry Calculators

Temperature Conversion Calculator

NIST Chemistry Web Book

ChemSpider - Database of Chemical Structures
and Property Predictions

Chem4Word - Microsoft Research

Library of 3-D Molecular Structures

Creative Chemistry

Chemistry Chris
The life and times of a chemistry teacher-in-training.

Chemistry Fun for Kids - Vermilion Parish

7 Chemical Reactions
That Will Fascinate Your Science Class [VIDEO]

30 Places to Find Chemistry Teaching Resources

American Chemistry Council