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Golden Gate Bridge Picture by Cybrary Man


I did a “LEGO” bridge building activity with my students. The initial activity was for the students to conduct an inventory of the bridges in our city. One year we were able to have a civil engineer talk to the children and show pictures of bridge construction. I would divide the class up into groups depending on how many sets of Legos I had acquired. (The students wrote letters to businesses asking for their support in getting the Lego sets for our bridge building competition). Each team first had to do research on bridge construction and then come up with a design. Then I would have teams of students working in an assembly line either constructing a bridge or a building. Each team had a specific responsibility in this process.

The children enjoyed competing against the other students in the class.

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From left: Williamsburg Bridge, Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge
Photograph taken by Cybrary Man from the World Trade Center

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