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From @DeborahMersino #gtchat

Tip 1: Be clear on your vision for blog. Is your mission to educate? enlighten? be a resource center? offer humor/personal hope?

Tip 2: Know your audience/Be clear about who you're writing for! If multiple audiences, cater to each regularly hen find out where your audiences gather (IRL & online).

Tip 3: Write straightforward, yet engaging posts. Simplicity is attractive to readers...can wind up being more impactful.

Tip 4: Unless writing a personal blog, try to cite research to substantiate, cite trends, timely issues. Use personal/human interest stories to illustrate points. Context important. Q&As work well. Guest bloggers.

Tip 5: Host a blog tour (take a bow @MaryStGeorge)!!! Tie it to an event (Gifted Education Awareness Week in NZ) or event. Series can also be powerful...choose topic...offer different perspectives on same topic.

Tip 6: Don't underestimate the power of pictures, videos, clips and imagery (graphs) to add zest & value. Helps visual spatials! Pictures also draw readers in (as many of you cited earlier). Particularly in the online word, imagery/pix are becoming more and more important. Try 2 find one that fits/delights!

Tip 7: Your job as a blogger is to do your art (think Seth Godin) & Share that unique perspective which only you can write.  You may have critics, smaller audience but it's essential to write authentic posts that are not only meaningful to audience., but to you!