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Sandhill Cranes are all over our Florida neighborhood.  Middle & right are in my backyard!

Official Florida State Bird List | Florida Ornithological Society

Bird Watching

The Backyard Birder

Birdhouses For Kids To Make

Building birdhouses

Wild bird feeders for kids to make

Birds - bird feeders - feeding birds - kids activities

How to Make Easy Bird Feeders for Young Children

Bird Fossils and Evolution

BirdLife International

BirdHouses101 - Detailed Birdhouse specifications for over 50 North American Birds

Wild Birds Unlimited Bird FeederCam

Bird Songs - New York

Winged Wisdom Pet Bird Magazine - Lessons to Teach the New Baby Parrot

Bird Crafts and Learning Activities

Bird Song - Mrs. Jones

Elementary Bird Lessons

Birds lesson plans

eBird North America's destination for birding on the Web

How to teach your bird to talk


Go Pro on a soaring eagle



All About Birds

Zoom Birds

Bird Central

Bird Feeding Resources SurfnetkidsOfficial State Birds

How Birds Fly

John James Audubon's Birds of America

Bird Watching in Central Park video

Internet Bird Collection -  videos

Birding Resources

New Zealand Birds

Explore Birds of Prey

Owl Links


The Life of Birds

Birding/Wild Birds

Bird Sleuth K-12

Aves: The Birds

Peterson Field Guides

Project Wild rney North: A Global Study of Wildlife Migration

North American Birds

Birds, Familiar Life Histories of North American Birds

Animal Planet Bird Guide

Connected by Pets - Birds


Exotic Pet Vet - The Top Ten Bird Killers

Dr. Scott Shalaway's world of "Birds & Nature"

Photographs and Art by Cybrary Man