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The American Revolution

Patriot's Day   American Experience | Patriots Day | PBS  Patriot's Day -  (U.S. National Park Service)

Minuteman Statue
Lexington, Massachusetts
Make your own American Revolution booklet. I had each student select a folded paper from a Revolutionary war hat. (I worked with the Art teacher and later the children made their own hats.) On the paper was an important event or person of the Revolutionary War period. Each student then had to prepare a one page report with a picture drawing on that topic. The final Study of the American Revolution will be a treasured booklet to be shared with family and friends.

Fbruary 16, 1970 Berriman Junior High School 64 "A Study of the American Revolution" - "This total group effort under your inspirational and devoted guidance, provided a built-in motivation for a sustained and integrated learning experience." (Lazarus J. Braffman - Principal)

George Washington

Thomas Jefferson

Alexander Hamilton

Amazing Women

Patrick Henry

Betsy Ross

Paul Revere

King George III

French Volunteers

Revolutionary War Biographies

Founding Fathers Google Search

Yankee Doodle (song)

Bunker Hill (poem)

 Battles, Campaigns & Skirmishes
The Battle of Bunker Hill
The American Revolution
Highlights of the American Revolution
British Evacuate Boston

Siege of Yorktown

LIBERTY! Chronicle of the Revolution . Yorktown 1781 PBS

American Revolution Jigsaw Puzzle

Flames of Rebellion Strategy Game

The rough draft of the Declaration of Independence: 28 June, 1776

The Unanimous Declaration of the Thirteen United States of America: July 4, 1776

Declaration of Independence From Plagiarism

Declare the Causes: The Declaration of Independence

Creating the Declaration of Independence - Exhibitions - (Library of Congress)

The Articles of Confederation: 1781

Betsy Ross House

Photographs by Cybrary Man

The American Revolution - 1775-1783

The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Paul Revere's Ride - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow @Web English Teacher

The American Revolution

LIBERTY! - The American Revolution PBS

American Revolution Videos

American Revolution Animated

Coming of the American Revolution

Weblinks-The American Revolution
Primary Source Documents

Best Books for Teaching About the
American Revolution

Virtual Marching Tour of the
American Revolutionary War

National Archives - American Revolution

Patriotcast's Blog

Revolutionary War Records

Archiving Early America

American Revolution: Time Lines
(The History Place)

English Colonial Era 1700-1763 Timeline

Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death: Patrick Henry, March 23, 1775

The Road to Independence: Simulation

The Boston Tea Party, 1773

Boston Tea Party Historical Society

The Boston Tea Party: Costume Optional

America's Historical Documents: The National Archives

Declaration of the Causes and Necessity of taking up Arms: July 6,1775

Sorry sir, Just a Bayonet Charge: The Use of Play in the History Classroom Mr. Ds Neighborhood

The Boston Massacre: Fact, Fiction, or Bad Memory | Teachinghistory

Time Line, America During the Age of Revolution, 1764-1775

History at Valley Forge

American Revolution Crossword Puzzle (New York Times)

Treaty of Paris (1783)