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Agriculture and Agricultural Revolution

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Agriculture Calculators

Agriculture in the Classroom

Agriculture Teacher's Manual

Farm Lesson Plans & Themes Page

Down on the Farm - Theme Unit

Farm Theme - Lesson Plans...

Farm lesson plans for elementary school

American Agricultural Revolution Links

The Agricultural Revolution: the invention of the plow...

Revolution in Agriculture

The Importance of the Agricultural Revolution

The Agricultural Revolution: Harvesters and Threshers + Other Labor-Saving Machines (About)

Agricultural Revolution (Outside of the United States)

The Agricultural Revolution (U.K)

Summary The Agriculture Revolution (U.K.)

The Four Field System: Four Year Crop Rotation

History of Agriculture (Soil, Plant and Crop Enhancement...)

Neolithic Revolution

History of Agriculture

History of Food & Agriculture

History of American Agriculture 1776-1990

History of Agriculture and Farm Machinery

History of Farming & Cities

Harvest of History - Farmer's Museum - Cooperstown, New York

Story of Farming

ALHFAM: The Association for Living History, Farm and Agricultural Museums

Tractor History - John Deere


Cybrary Man did research at the National Agricultural Library

National Agricultural Library

Kids and Teens : National Agricultural Library

WWW Virtual Library Agriculture Index

USDA Agricultural Research Service

Teach AG

New Farm Maps Offer In-Depth Picture of Global Agriculture

Journey to Planet Earth . Educational Resources | PBS Sustainable Agriculture

National Agriculture Day 

Ag Day (agday) on Twitter

Ag Day Food Fun Facts

Agriculture Online

Agriculture (Yahoo!)

Agriculture in the Classroom

Best Books for Teaching

National FFA Organization (Future Farmers of America)

Virtual Farmhouse

Wessels Living History Farm

Farmerama Game

Census of Agriculture

The National Grange

The Vertical Farm Project

FFA (Future Farmers of America )

USDA: United States Department of Agriculture

U.S. House Committee on Agriculture

NASS State Office Websites (USDA - National Agricultural Statistics Service)

FAO: Food and Agriculture Organization

Breeds of Livestock

High Plains Journal